You have only one chance to live a life,
live a life free of disease and tension
full of vigor and happiness.
The World Health Organization has approved Yoga as a Complemetary and Alternative Medicne. Noticing the immense physical and mental benefits of Yoga, out of 195 countries in the world 178 countries have approved and accepted 21st June as an international YOGA day. Yoga is an ancient science of keeping good health and today, millions of people all around the world practice Yoga for their Health benefit.

Life in today’s world is full of chaos. The external chaos that we see today, is the outcome of internal chaos. This is all because of our irresponsible life style, materialistic attachment and not knowing our own capacities and capabilities. All this happens because we do not know ourselves.

YOGA teaches us the awareness by removing all these obstacles from our lives. YOGA is not a religion. It aligns our mind, body and soul. It is a science that teaches us to live a life free of disease, stress & tension. YOGA is a natural way to heal the mind and body without disturbing the life cycle.

Regular practice of YOGA develops a sense of well being. It helps to give us the skill to heal ourselves and others without over dependency on medicine and pain killers. It also teaches us to live a disciplined life style, which in turn gives us a simple, calm, peaceful and satisfied life worth living.

Come, join us at “YOGA for Health and Peace” and train yourself to learn & practice

ASANAS (twisting -bending – flexing)
PRANAYAMAS (breathing techniques to live a healthy life)
MEDITATION (method of self purification by self observation)